About Us


We are a team of renegade designers proudly based in Washington, D.C., where we source and curate all the furniture you see on our site from across the globe. 

We started Room Theory as a way to shake up the way people buy furniture. Our goal is to bring our eye for design to as many people as possible with the hope that you'll never regret or stress about the furniture selection and buying process again.  



Never furnish piece by piece again

Furnishing your home can take forever.  We get it, there's a lot out there to choose from, and where do you start anyway? Do you run around to a bunch of furniture stores? Endlessly browse the millions of options on the internet? Do a combination of both? And after all that still feel overwhelmed? Room Theory helps take the guesswork out of paring items together from multiple sources so you can furnish your home in no time with less effort.

Make it your own or leave it alone

We hope you'll view our sets as a strong foundation for a well designed home.  We coordinate our sets to look great on their own or to be layered with your personal touches, accents, hand me down pieces from grandma or whatever strikes your fancy at a weekend art fair or market.  While you can add layers over time, if that's not your jam, we've got you covered.

Calculators aren't for everyone

It's common to put everything you like together only to add it all up and discover it doesn't meet your budget.  We take the guesswork out of this exercise by providing upfront pricing, including curation and shipping costs, on all our sets.  This means minimal calculator work is needed, unless you like that sort of thing... in which case feel free to break out that calculator and embrace your love for numbers. 

Love the way you live

At the end of the day Room Theory is here to help you create a home you love.  We hope you'll enjoy the process of creating it as much as you love living in it.